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Ryan Dorsey got in the work to make big change. His legislative record is broad and extensive. Read more about it on the policy page. In addition to legislative work, Ryan is dedicated to bringing tax dollars back to his district in the form of major projects, infrastructural maintenance and improvements, and timely and responsive performance of City services. He serves as a unique voice on the City Council, and stands apart in his advocacy and accessibility.


Ryan has been engaged in major projects throughout his district, advocating for community needs and interests, and partnering with various agencies and organizations to coordinate the best possible outcomes. To name a few:

  • North Harford Park renovations: New basketball courts constructed in 2022, and $9+ million in park renovations to begin in 2024, including Baltimore's largest skatepark, a new playground and splashpad, football field, baseball diamond, 1/3-mile walking path, picnic areas, and landscaping.

  • NoRoFo: leading figure in opposition to Royal Farms, since 2015

  • Northwood Branch Library and Northwood Rec Center: working with Enoch Pratt and Baltimore City Recreation and Park on a combined library and recreation center to replace both of the existing facilities with bigger and better

  • Hamilton-Lauraville Main Street funding: grants awarded for various projects, and assistance on permitting and construction of the lot and community center at 4500 Harford

  • Harford Senior Center renovations: $2.3 million in building renovations beginning in 2024

  • Herring Run stream erosion: ensured corrective measures to multiple stream bank collapses

  • Harford Road safety: improvements ongoing since 2019 to implement key recommendations of the Harford Road Corridor Study

  • Moravia & Walther intersection: safety improvement construction beginning Summer 2024

  • Moravia Rd safety: improvements made in 2023

  • Old Harford Rd: new storm water infrastructure installed in 2018 to increase capacity and address mass runoff onto neighboring properties

  • Major road resurfacing: projects spanning lengths of Harford, Loch Raven, Argonne, Echodale, Parkside, Erdman, Chesterfield, and many more neighborhood streets


Since taking office in December of 2016, Councilman Dorsey and staff have handled more than 5,000 constituent service cases. These cases take on every form of request for assistance. Examples include:

  • speed hump requests and street lighting repairs

  • eviction prevention and housing assistance

  • water bill adjustments and meter leaks

  • trash can replacement and cleaning vacant properties

  • illegal dumping and abandoned vehicles

  • tree pruning and parks maintenance

  • unemployment insurance and social services

  • COVID-19 testing and resource connection


Councilman Dorsey has worked with communities and residents on countless projects, including traffic calming and roadway improvements, vacant homes and code enforcement, cleaning and greening, business development, water bills, tax sale prevention, infrastructure maintenance and contractor accountability, information sharing, navigation of processes and resource access, hardship assistance, non-profit partnerships, and more.

Voting Record and Accountability

Others talk about accountability. Ryan actually shows what it means.

  • Ryan was the lone vote against a Police Commissioner nominee who refused to answer critical questions of policy, philosophy, and integrity. That person was Federally indicted on tax fraud just two months later.

  • Ryan blew the whistle on a Police Commissioner nominee unfit for the job. Ryan speaking up resulted in the withdrawal of the nominee who was soon after fired from his job in Texas.

  • Ryan was the first Council Member to speak up about how very problematic a certain Mayor and children's book author was. We all know the rest of that story.

  • Ryan has successfully led opposition to numerous bad pieces of legislation brought forth by others

    • security deposit alternatives that benefit unscrupulous landlords and place renters at great risk

    • unnecessary changes to elected officials' retirement eligibility

  • Ryan was the lone vote against giving away the City's controls over Harborplace development. Time will tell.

Dedication and Commitment to Accessibility

Councilman Dorsey has always maintained his commitment to availability and communication. He can be reached every week during open office hours in the District, and is easily available by phone, email, or in person. His office sends out a weekly email with information about upcoming meetings, events, and opportunities for individuals and community organizations.

To sign up for weekly emails, request a meeting, ask questions, request assistance, or just share your opinion, the best way is to send an email to You can also call 410-396-4812.

About the Work

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