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District 3

Since taking office in December of 2016, Councilman Dorsey and staff have handled more than 4,000 constituent service cases. These cases take on every form of request for assistance. Examples include:

  • speed hump requests and street lighting repairs

  • eviction prevention and housing assistance

  • water bill adjustments and meter leaks

  • trash can replacement and cleaning vacant properties

  • illegal dumping and abandoned vehicles

  • tree pruning and parks maintenance

  • unemployment insurance and social services

  • COVID-19 testing and resource connection


Councilman Dorsey has worked with communities and residents on countless projects, including traffic calming and roadway improvements, vacant homes and code enforcement, cleaning and greening, business development, water bills, tax sale prevention, infrastructure maintenance and contractor accountability, information sharing, navigation of processes and resource access, hardship assistance, non-profit partnerships, and more.

Councilman Dorsey has always maintained his commitment to availability and communication. He can be reached every week during open office hours in the District, and is easily available by phone, email, or in person. His office sends out a weekly email with information about upcoming meetings, events, and opportunities for individuals and community organizations.

To sign up for weekly emails, request a meeting, ask questions, request assistance, or just share your opinion, the best way is to send an email to You can also call 410-396-4812.

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