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Requests for assistance, constituent service, or meetings related to City business should come through OFFICE communications, and campaign-related matters should come via CAMPAIGN communications. Please find both below.



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District Office and Hours

The Cube Cowork

4709 Harford Road


Our team is here one day each week, but which day is determined week to week based primarily on availability due to committee hearings. Please inquire via phone or email about next availability, or send send us an email to be added to our weekly newsletter distribution. Each Friday's newsletter provides information on the upcoming week's office hours and a Calendly link to sign up for time.

What about...

Nextdoor, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Mastadon, Snapchat, WhatsApp....

The short answer is that my team and I can be monitoring and posting endless replies on every platform out there, and it would probably never be enough and we'd never get anything done... or we can do the people's work. We choose to focus our attention and encourage everyone to contact us via email or telephone.  We try to keep a close watch on our email inboxes, answer the phone and listen to voice messages as they come in, we're available in-person in the District every week, we send out an email every Friday, show up to community association meetings and other events, and if that's still not enough we're happy to schedule another time and place to meet and discuss basically anything.


That said, I'm on Twitter, or X, or whatever you care to call it. Follow if you want my thoughts here and there, but if you have anything serious to bring up, best to send an email at one of the addresses above.

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